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Current featured pages:

bike/japan-2013 My exercise project for 2013: a virtual bicycle ride the length of Japan. Also, 2009.
perler beads Arranged on a pegboard, fused with an iron... large-scale and 3D pieces, too!
video games A listing of my personal collection, plus commentary and tips
music Original compositions and related miscellaneous audio data
tokimeki memorial (stub) Collecting and playing the Japanese dating sim series
japan 2007 Photos from my trip to Tokyo and Sapporo in June of 2007. More notes.

Archived and discontinued pages:

counting  (obsolete) short lists which once described who I am... or was...
nihongo  (stub) learning how to read all those squiggly lines
photos  small album of personal photographs and related imagery
puzzles  a few references on puzzles and games from the old site
quincunx  (stub) an exploration of the symbol and word I've adopted as a name
random photos  a few more quasi-random photographs of whatever catches my fancy
ren'ai  (discontinued) games that combine manga art, interactive fiction and romance

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