I have enjoyed creating music in various genres, and have been doing so since 1993. I'm not currently making music.

My main genres tend to be noise, ambient and lo-fi/old-school electronica, but I've done everything from quiet soundscapes to grinding cacophony, from acoustic tracks to complex sequenced multitrack recordings.

I have recorded under the moniker Quincunx, as well as Meister G, Calculator Heist and Contraholiday.

Here are some demo-quality MP3s of a few tracks I've composed. They're free for download, as long as you don't intend to use them commercially in any way. If you'd like to use them in a not-for-profit project of any sort, please contact me at the address at the bottom of the page; I'll see if I can provide you with higher-quality files to work with.

Artist Title File size Length Year Description
Meister G Audiomotion v1.0 1,317,034 2'10" 1993 primitive upbeat techno-house
Quincunx Synthetic Nectar 2,912,384 4'51" 1996 upbeat percussive techno
Quincunx Dire Wish 2,791,552 4'39" 199? dark mechanical techno
Calculator Heist 65534 944,128 1'34" 2002 raw digital electronics
Contraholiday proustite 700,544 1'10" 2004 contemplative piano/noise
Contraholiday passerine 680,064 1'07" 2004 burbled acoustic noise
Contraholiday aubergine 675,968 1'07" 2004 futurist ambient soundscape
Contraholiday lightfast 673,920 1'07" 2004 distorted found-sound collage
Contraholiday porphyrin 641,152 1'04" 2004 fluxus chatter soundscape
Quincunx binwin 571,520 0'56" 2005 retrofuturistic bleeping techno

I've also taken part in the Album-a-Day project twice, where the challenge is to create a full album (minimum 20 minutes or 30 songs) within a single 24-hour period. My second attempt, crystal aegis prototype, was very rewarding; it was created in March 2004 and is the soundtrack to an imaginary late-'80s console game. My first attempt, listen compute rock home, appears here by contractual obligation. ^_^ It's a doppelganger; I took an album I'd never heard and used its title and track list to create my own otherwise unrelated album.

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