Various photos of Quin and his environs.

Quin circa 1991, in the clutches of a young Polish woman named Isa. Yes, she has a knife. Yes, it's all in fun.

Quin circa 1999, with a freshly shaven head and a wonderful fish shirt.

Quin circa 1999, sporting a Stetson and looking moody.

Quin, August 2002, doing his best
Travis Bickle impersonation. You talkin' to me?
(Yes, this is a real, unretouched photo. Yes, it is intentionally small, dark and blurry.)

Quin, July 2004. This photo is included for one purpose: to show just how fat I got. Ugh.

Quin, November 2005. About 40 pounds lighter here than in the previous picture.
I've come a long way, but I still have most of the journey ahead of me.


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