Album-a-Day project


Jelly Dancers

Go, go, jelly dancers
Jelly dancers
Here in our fine city
Jelly dancers
(repeat above lines four additional times)
Go, go, jelly dancers


(These lyrics came from a set of comments on a Korean Web site which I ran through Babelfish to translate them to English. You can read the semi-English version here.)

OK Robot

Just phoning to check ... three-pound ... the smoked ...

Hand Jive

Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive.
Everybody, everybody, do the hand jive, hand jive, hand jive (x7)
Hand jive (x15)

Army Ants in Your Pants

Army ants in your pants make you jump and scream and dance. Day and night, ants will bite. Blow them up with dynamite.


A clock is an ideal device for keeping time. It does not require the maintenance of an hourglass, and generally is more accurate and less fragile than an hourglass. A clock is also generally more accurate than a sundial, which also has the limitation of only working during daylight hours in direct sunlight. The clock, however, is something of a bane of humankind. We are now painfully aware of how many hours are left in the day, how many minutes remain before we will be late for work, how many seconds we are willing to wait before an outburst. Despite our ability to measure time in nanoseconds, there truly is something positive to be said for measuring our lives with less precision.


Let the needle drop
The beat don't stop
It's a bumper crop
Let the popcorn pop
(Come on) (People)

This speech sample originated when the Amiga crashed while running the speech program.
‡ From a speech recognition sample found on the Web.

Quincunx - "Listen Compute Rock Home"

This is my first successful attempt at an Album-a-Day, completed in its entirety in 23 hours on 14 December 2003. The 15 tracks total 20 minutes, 46 seconds.

This is a "doppelganger" album, copying its album title and track titles from a CD of the same name by Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson. I've never heard that CD. I strayed a bit from the traditional Album-a-Day doppelganger method, as I didn't make a concerted effort to match the imagined musical style or subject matter of the original album.

The MP3s linked below are the tracks by me, Quincunx. They are not tracks by Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson.

01>> Way Out - Intro (1'33")

02>> Motorcycle Ride (1'37")

03>> Jelly Dancers (1'09")

04>> Abracadabra (0'40")

05>> Mudra (3'16")

06>> American Eagle (2'11")

07>> OK Robot (1'59")

08>> Coco the Coconut (0'41")

09>> Hand Jive (1'25")

10>> Army Ants in Your Pants (0'51")

11>> Clocks (1'00")

12>> Popcorn (2'09")

13>> Squarefinger (0'57")

14>> Upside Down (0'38")

15>> Funky Little Song (0'40")


Most of the songs were done in a tracker (sequencer) program; a couple were made directly in a wave editing program.  I played the organ, mini electronic guitar, harmonica, nebulizer tube, etc., myself.  (I used text-to-speech for the vocals, as my own voice is unsuitable.)

2003 Quincunx - Permission granted to download these songs for personal, non-commercial use.