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Here's a larger project I made out of Perler beads. It's a bunny gal from the Super Famicom game Super Pachi-Slot Mahjong. The image I used was 47 pixels wide at its widest point and 100 pixels tall, so the completed project is 9 1/4" x 19 3/4" (23.5 x 50 cm).

I used:
approximately 3,970
* Perler beads in 23 different colors
eight interlocking 6" square pegboards
standard Perler gear – ironing paper, an iron, bead tweezers, sorting cups

It took about an hour to pick the image I wanted to use, count the colors and find the closest colors of beads. It then took just short of 7 hours, not counting interruptions, to arrange the beads on the pegboards, and another hour to fuse them with the iron.

If you're not familiar with how to fuse Perler beads, you can read these instructions on the manufacturer's site.

* The machine itself is 38x100; the extra 170 is a guesstimate for the ear and knees that extend beyond it.


Here's the screen I used; it's a screen where you select which pachislo machine you want to play by positioning the bunny gal in front of it. (The bunny gal is not your character; you select a male or female image when naming your character, but this isn't what the female character looks like.)

I had to make a few difficult decisions while choosing colors, especially where the image I used has 23 colors instead of the 15 or 16 from previous projects. First was the border around the bunny gal's sprite. I could have removed everything outside the white outline, but I wanted the pachislo machine behind her to appear in the project, too. I didn't feel confident enough to try to extrapolate colors to replace the white border or the strange pink dots outside the border.

Also, while I have quite a few shades of brown and tan, I didn't have enough distinct-looking browns to get both the hair and the legs perfect. I ended up using a beige in the legs that I'd picked in my initial palette choices but decided not to use while doing the hair and skin. (I ended up picking out all those beads and replacing them with another color around the 3-hour mark.) I also went with a pink tone to the outfit, since my selection of reds is a mixed bag and I had three perfect shades of pink on hand.

Below you can see the work in progress as I was assembling it. One of the biggest time-sinks was making sure I was using the right brown in the legs and outlines.


After 1 hour After 2 hours After 3 hours After 4 hours
After 5 hours After 6 hours After 6 3/4 hours
(ready to fuse)


This is my second bunny-gal Perler project. What's the infatuation? I don't know. If I'm going to put hours into a project like this, I need to pick something that's both visually appealing and personally interesting. For me, bunny gals fill both requirements, I guess...

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