Tokimeki Memorial book collection

I've been interested in the Tokimeki Memorial series of dating sims since I saw a screenshot and a brief (and slightly mocking) description in a US video game magazine back in 1998. Even though the mention was small and unflattering, it was enough to make me consider the possibilities of what a dating sim could be. Years later, when I bought an import PlayStation 2, the original Tokimeki Memorial ~forever with you~ for the PlayStation was one of my first purchases. I've gone on to collect every one of the games released for a number of different consoles and handhelds — 23 so far if you count the now-defunct Tokimeki Memorial Online. I've collected thousands of trading cards, dozens of figures and gashapon, a handful of shitajiki, posters and other ridiculously miscellaneous TokiMemo merchandise. (Yes, I have TokiMemo clocks, TokiMemo bandanas, even a TokiMemo tape dispenser.)

I bought my first Tokimeki Memorial book shortly after I started playing the first game. There are a couple of FAQs on the Internet, but I wanted something I could hold in my hands and flip through. The book didn't disappoint me; in fact, I was just as interested in the images and screenshots as I was in the conversation walkthroughs and parameter requirements. As my collection of games grew, my collection of books did as well, despite the high cost of having heavy books shipped from eBay sellers in Japan. I started running out of games to collect, and I began focusing more on books.

I present, for your perusal, my collection. (Note: None of these are for sale.)


Tokimeki Memorial ~forever with you~

The first two books shown above are artbooks; the last five are guidebooks. The last three are actually for the Sega Saturn version, but I've found very little difference between the two versions as far as gameplay goes.


Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol. 1: Nijiiro no Seishun

The first drama series, centering around Nijino Saki. The first book above is a guidebook; the second is an artbook (and a shameless catalog of Saki merchandise).


Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol. 2: Irodori no Love Song

The second drama series, centering around Katagiri Ayako. Despite all three books having the same illustration on the cover, the contents of each book are different.


Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol. 3: Tabidachi no Uta

Just one book collected for this drama, partly because I haven't found any others and partly because I'm not very interested in Fujisaki Shiori or Tatebayashi Miharu.


Tokimeki Memorial 2

Four guidebooks from three different publishers. One of my friends has a strong preference for this game, but I haven't done it justice yet.

Three issues of Hibikino Watcher magazine (each with a disc containing EVS data for three of the girls), and three artbooks.


Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories

I have one guidebook for each of the three Substories games (Dancing Summer Vacation, Memories Ringing On, Leaping School Festival).


Tokimeki Memorial 3: ~Yakusoku no Ano Basho de~

Four guidebooks for the less popular third main game of the TokiMemo series, the first three with oddly similar titles but different content. The fourth, School Life Manual, comes with a calendar in a slipcase.


Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side and Girl's Side 2nd Kiss

After so many games where you play a boy trying to date a girl, Konami released two games (and Nintendo DS ports of each) where you play a girl trying to date a boy. Rather disorienting to play as a guy but, hey, I'm a completist, and there are some interesting gameplay mechanics in these games.


Other Tokimeki Memorial games

Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart was an arcade machine that played a short game using the characters from the original Tokimeki Memorial. Apparently the game had a pulse/sweat sensor built into the controls, and it printed out a picture card at the end of each session.

Tokimeki no Houkago is a trivia game with the characters from the original Tokimeki Memorial.

Tokimeki Memorial Online was a short-lived MMO game in Japan. I never actually tried to play, but I got the disc and manual, as well as this book, to get a feeling for what it was like.


Tokimeki Memorial merchandise

Super Collection 1, 2 and 3 are huge catalogs filled with Tokimeki Memorial merchandise. They're not catalogs in the sense that you can order items from them as a consumer; rather, these seem to be intended for merchants who want to carry TokiMemo merchandise in their stores. Or maybe not; the quality of these books is amazing. (2 and 3 are hardcover, and 1 may be available in hardcover as well.)

The fourth book is a guide to the Tokimeki Memorial collectible trading cards. It only covers the first few volumes of cards for the first game, but it has images of each card, which is nice for someone who doesn't feel the obsessive urge to actually collect the individual cards.



The first book above is a 10th anniversary special collection of all the "heroines" of the first three main Tokimeki Memorial games, as well as the girls who appeared in the dramas and Game Boy Color versions. It also documents the history of the games and their merchandise, plus has interviews, trivia and strategy hints, if I'm not mistaken.

The small book above... well, I'm not entirely sure WHAT it is. It's definitely related to Tokimeki Memorial, though. At first I thought it might be a light novel, but the text has fairly complex kanji with no furigana; it's completely devoid of illustrations, but has a number of diagrams. The larger line in the title is "Tokimeki Kagaijugyou", or "Tokimeki Extracurricular Lesson", and the white subtitle mentions angels ("tenshi") and an "endless game". There are pages about various things from the TokiMemo game as well — locations, events, etc. Very mysterious.


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