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NOTE: I did a lot of research on Braille for this page, mostly to verify the non-alphabetic characters. And what I discovered, to my surprise, was that there are two varieties of Braille, designated as Grade 1 Braille (also known as uncontracted Braille) and Grade 2 Braille (also known as contracted Braille). Many of the top Braille pages I explored don't cover Grade 2 Braille in anything more than the broadest terms, though some are more than willing to sell you books explaining it.

This page does not cover Grade 2 Braille, partly because I don't expect that many puzzles that use Braille will use Grade 2 Braille, and partly because I don't have any good information on it that fits neatly on a short Web page. The first good resource I found is now yielding a 404... so this page (at www.99main.com) is the best resource for Grade 2 Braille I can offer at the moment.


The capital sign is placed before a letter to make it a capital letter.

The number sign is placed before the characters for the letters a through j to make the numbers 1 through 9 and 0, respectively.

And, yes, the characters for a question mark and an open quote are the same. This shouldn't cause a problem due to their placement at the beginning or end of a block of text.

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