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Ren'ai is a Japanese word meaning "romance". A ren'ai game is a computer game which focuses on romantic interactions between characters. Ren'ai games tend to use manga-style character art and range in complexity from stories which follow a single path to elaborate stat-based dating simulations.
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My personal interest is in English-language fan-made games (such as those at the Ren'Ai Archives).

Character art of Troy, Sylvie, Kat and Nyala from Ashes to the Wind.

During March 2006, I started a game intended for NaNoRenO, where participants create a ren'ai game within one month. I've been working completely solo on this game, titled Ashes to the Wind. The concepts of the game have stayed the same, but the amount of text has grown far out of proportion to my original vision.

With some hesitation, I must announce that I have postponed this project indefinitely. After working on it for over three months, off and on, I found that I no longer felt any strong positive feelings toward the game. I know there's a lot of work that has gone into the game, and it seems a shame to abandon it at this stage... but I honestly have no desire to finish the game and release it to the public.

Ashes to the Wind

Non-final screenshots from Ashes to the Wind (click to enlarge)
Plot: 100% complete
Character design: 100% completed
Wardrobe design:
100% completed
Music/sound: 40% completed
Character art:
100% completed
Background art: 61% completed
Pre-scripting work:
100% completed
100% completed
Text: 39% completed
Post-production work: 0% completed.
Frivolous, largely meaningless average of above percentages: 74%

I also have another ren'ai game that I've worked on, a larger one titled Snow Angels Ball. The game grew rapidly in size and scope during the early development phase. I had hoped to complete this game before NaNoRenO, but things fell through. I'm not certain whether I'll return to working on this game; I've put a lot of work into it already, but the scope of the game is even larger than that of Ashes to the Wind.

Character design sketches of Amarena, Bryony, Carissa and Elyse from Snow Angels Ball

Snow Angels Ball

Concept sketch showing unfinished character art against non-game-related background (click to enlarge)
Plot: 100% complete
Character design: 89% completed
Wardrobe design: 43% completed
Music/sound: 0% completed
Character art: 8% completed
Background art: 0% completed
Pre-scripting work: 40% completed
Scripting: 0% completed
Text: 0% completed
Post-production work: 0% completed
Frivolous, largely meaningless average of above percentages: 28%

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